Our Starters

The mushroom in all its forms 15.00 €


Wolf tartare in carrot texture

15.00 €


The pig, the hen and the pickle 15.00 €



Casserole poultry with cocoa scents, mashed potatoes and a basket of mushrooms

27.00 €


Return of the seafood market and its steaming consomme, goat cheese ravioli with fine herbs

27.00 €


Tian confit with seasonal vegetables, sheep's cheese and pear vinaigrette 22.00 €



Poached pear in white wine from Provence, crumble and frozen yogurt

12.00 €


Brioche tart in the heart of the vineyard

12.00 €


Grasse chocolate with yuzu flavors 12.00 €


2 scoops of homemade ice cream" 6.00 €


Regional cheese plate 10.00 €


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