Our Starters

Poached oysters from Tamarisk, caviar from Aquitaine, sea foam 15.00 €


Egg in all simplicity and leek with Mediterranean flavors

15.00 €


Petit gris de Provence with garlic and celery

15.00 €


Our dishes

La Daube

(Camarguais bull, chestnut tagliatelle or Camarguais rice)

27.00 €


The "Pheasant and Duck" Pie

27.00 €


Gratin of my childhood

(potato, sweet potato, garlic and goat cheese) 22.00 €



Meeting of apple and chervil

12.00 €


Crunchy chocolate, roasted cream and banana

12.00 €


Mandarin, sesame, dill 12.00 €


2 scoops of "House" ice cream Perfumes according to the seasons 6.00 €


Cheese platter from my region

10.00 €


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