Our starters

Texture of green asparagus from Mallemort, hint of caviar, truffle vinaigrette 16.00 €


Goat tartare "lemon, coriander, mint", goat cheese ointment, potato

16.00 €


Parsley and its forgotten vegetable, Camargue rice with almond milk, seasonal sprouts

16.00 €



Rack of lamb from Provence roasted and sweetbreads with southern flavors,

mashed potatoes with garlic

28.00 €


Mediterranean peach, variation of salsify with blood orange from Menton

28.00 €


Asparagus Textured Rissoto 23.00 €



Grasse chocolate, roasted hazelnut and hint of caramel

12.00 €


Creamy pistachio tart 12.00 €


Brousse "ewe" with honey, olive oil from Fréjus and segments of citrus fruits

12.00 €


2 scoops of "House" ice cream according to the seasons

6.00 €


Plate of cheeses from my region

10.00 €


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