Our Starters

Grilled vegetables and Taradeau goat cheese panna cotta 12.00 €

Tomato tartare, "Homemade" Provence Lamb ham,

Melon and its cooked Taradeau wine jelly 12.00 €

Flamboyant salad of duck breast from Allexandre farm 12.00 €


Almost veal "Born under the mother", hazelnut crumble - candied Menton lemon,

seasonal green beans (supplement 3€ on formula)

24.00 €

Seasonal vegetable festival in several textures 22.00 €

Roasted Taradeau goat cheese in its crispy nest,

Artichoke velouté and summer truffle petals from Aups

(supplement 4€ on formula) 25.00 €


Cocoa from every angle

9.00 €

Almond and cherry dessert 9.00 €

Apricot and basil, meeting around a puck 9.00 €

2 scoops of homemade ice cream 4.50 €

Regional cheese platter 6.00 €

Affogato (double Espresso and its scoop of vanilla ice cream)

6.00 €

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