Our Starters

Endive stuffed with Corsican clementine butter 15.00 €


Red onion, bacon royale and Aups truffle

15.00 €


Regional freshwater fish in Haut-Var saffron jelly

15.00 €



Free-range veal from Provence and stuffed-braised with escarole with capers, anchovies and olives

27.00 €


Mediterranean peach, variation of Jerusalem artichoke, clementine and sea urchin sabayon

27.00 €


Cauliflower flavored with the pastourelle farm 22.00 €



More apple than pie...

12.00 €


Chocolate from Grasse and tuber melanosporum from Aups 12.00 €


Citrus fruits from Menton and plants from Provence 12.00 €


2 scoops of "House" ice cream according to the seasons

6.00 €


Plate of cheeses from my region

10.00 €


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